TV Interview


TV Interview on Shane Guffogg's "The art of Art" 

Season 1, of "The art of Art hosted by Shane Guffogg" Episode 1  Watch it Now →


The art of Art is a new program that delves into the creative process of visual and performing artists, hosted by Los Angeles-based artist Shane Guffogg. The visuals are a feast for the eyes as Guffogg takes the viewer for studio and gallery visits that set the tone for insightful discussions about the impulse to create and the techniques that are used, giving this series a rare, behind the scenes look into our human need to express and communicate through art.


Circle of Truth
Traveling Art Exhibition

- A Visual Game of  "Telephone"-

Ed Ruscha, Shane Guffogg, Billy Al Bengston, Lita Albuquerque, Jim Morphesis, Charles Arnoldi, Robert Williams, Ruth Weisberg and 41 other artists created works especially for the Circle of Truth project, in secret over a period of nine years.

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