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Lifestyle Magazine : Lindsay Draws a Ruscha, Yes an Ed Ruscha

Curated by Guffogg, this exhibition has a little of everything, including a delightfully unlikely number of connections to the culture high and low: A Beatles connection; blue chip notoriety in the form of Ed Ruscha; the work of a successful actor who moonlights as a painter; a variety of art-making impulses spanning a four-decade period; and of course, Shane Guffogg himself, whose work he included as well, a gambit that is perhaps itself a very L.A. thing.

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Porterville Reporter : Portraiture and Exhibition

....Images of the human face have served as a vessel to carry ideas of who we were — and are — throughout the centuries, ranging from the idealized forms of the Sumerians and Egyptians, to the naturalized images of Greeks and Romans and back again to stylized images of the Byzantine era, only to find a new idealized form of realism in the 1400s, now commonly known as the Renaissance.

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ArtWeek.LA: Perennial Philosophy

In the 16th century, Italian humanist and scholar Agostino Steuco developed Perennial Philosophy, which postulates that all of the world’s religious traditions are essentially based on the one single universal truth, an idea popularized by Aldous Huxley in his 1945 book The Perennial Philosophy. Hipke explores these universal questions of humankind, spirituality and truth in her practice by considering the anonymous subjects she paints from old photographs and finds that these answer reveal themselves in her paintings.

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